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Posted on April 27, 2010


Welcome to the all-new blog for OBscene’s Arts and Entertainment section. For those relatively estranged to the student newspaper that roams the campus hallways at Brookes, OBscene is a free, independent publication that provides informative and entertaining articles of relevance to the student body.

Within ‘Arts&Ents’ our main focus is to divulge opinion on a host of subjects, reviewing as well as interviewing those that visit and perform in our host city. Our contributors are not experts nor do the majorty of them have professional experience in shedding their opinionated journalism, but “boy o’ boy” are they talented. And that is why, at last, we have embraced this technolgical community of ‘bloggers’; a democratic paradigm in which anyone (within reason) can express their views in the hope that someone out there is reading and will find what is discussed entertaining and perhaps helpful.

Unlike some reviewing experts who tend to enforce their views of the arts upon the public, OBscene offers a satirical, light-hearted alternative What is being discussed in articles and posts is not necessarily a general perception, but just the individual thoughts of one writer. In the late 1980’s the prolific writer Steven Wells (NME) was notorious for exclaiming on particularly terrible record reviews that he or fellow readers must strive to rightfully punish any of those caught purchasing said music. (His favourite branding of punishment was a good old fashioned stick beating.)

OBscene wishes not to embelish such dictatorship; besides, it’s most probably illegal in this modern era. Instead we invite you to read our viewpoints and comment appropriately. I for one, find the music of the female soloist Ke$ha utterly hideous and if offered the choice, I would rather watch a tramp on the High Street smash two bin lids together whilst screaming obscenities to the heavens than listen to another one of her records on the radio… Welcome to OBscene!

Tom Fitzgerald

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