Album Review: Audio Bullys – Higher Than The Eiffel

Posted on May 7, 2010


Release Date: 29th March 2010

Record Label: Cooking Vinyl.

It’s been a while since we last heard the sound of Simon Frank and Tom Dinsdale (aka the AudioBullys). Following the release of Generation in 2005 the boys have certainly been busy and have musically travelled leaps and bounds since their debut Ego Wars in 2003. So here we have a collection of new material consisting of high-pitched glitches floating above grinding sub-frequencies designed to make any Calvin Harris devotee feel euphoric.

Released on March the 29th through Loudhailer Press, Higher Than The Eiffel reveal how the duo are breaking the mould as musical chameleons. Working in a tiny facility in North London, the Audio Bullys conjured up a superbly diverse album incorporating elements of funk, house and techno with underlying electro-pop beats and synth-driven melodies. Although dominated by uplifting tracks throughout the album, there are a few exceptions with hints of sentiment and melancholy. The first single release Only Man comprises of piercing horns jumping over driven punk-rock guitars. Drained Out and London Dreamer are sinister, venomous tracks with the latter setting a distinctly dark, morbid tone to the record. Frank is not blessed with the most powerful or dazzling voice in the world, however his unique timbre and profound lyrics will be resonating in your skull for days. This is especially true in the mystifying vocal harmonies, adding moments of real musical sophistication.

Guest musicians, such as Charlie Creed Miles provides the bass line in Dragging Me Down; and from Madness, Mike Barson adds lilting piano sequences and Suggs supplies bright harmonica motifs in Twist Me Up and Good Bye respectively, making this record special. Perhaps the need for celebrity collaboration was essential in the last track; being a weak attempt at a ska groove lacking any depth. Nevertheless punchy vinyl scratches and quirky electronic signatures, like in Shot Gun, reiterate that the Audio Bullys have returned with a vengeance, stamping their seal all over the dance floor.

Following the success of Higher Than The Eiffel the pair will be touring across the UK, appearing at the O2 Academy in Oxford on April 28th. Check out and for more information on where you can see these guys in action at a venue near you.

Natalie Mkulila

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