Album Review: The Futureheads – The Chaos

Posted on May 7, 2010


Release Date: 25th March 2010

Record Label: Nul Recordings.

A little under two years since the release of This Is Not The World and the Futureheads offer another electric collection of hits from their seventh studio album. With a vision focusing on thunderous drum riffs and ferocious guitar melodies, the Sunderland four-piece band fuse pop with the idiosyncratic raw sound of British punk.

This is a treasure trove of thunderous anthems dealing with issues of mild depression, metaphors depicted by celestial bodies and themes of bitter-sweet hopefulness. Musically, the eager fan may expect the downhearted despondency of Coldplay or Kean; instead a prominent juxtaposition of upbeat alternative rock underpinning lead singer’s Barry Hydes moody yet optimistic lyrics add a wealth of diversity to this record.

Powered by relentless descending motifs and rampant drumming, the album-titled track “The Chaos” lures you in from the opening bars. “Heartbeat Song”, the first single release available now, is a declamatory track glimmering with sentiment. “The Commander” and “The Connector” consist of staggered, choppy rhythms, whilst simple yet abrasive guitar solos evocative of the Kinks can be heard in “I Can Do That”.

Even though this album is certainly not easy listening, with endless shouts, yelps and harsh textures guaranteed to sweep you off your feet, The Chaos will command your attention if not make you want to dance like a sweaty Green Day goth in a mosh pit. A glittering, high-spirited record made for the summer.

Natalie Mkulila

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