An Interview With Little Fourpaws

Posted on May 7, 2010


Little Fourpaws are the best musical offering to come out of Brookes this year and have been extremely impressive on Oxford’s acoustic circuit.

OB: How long have Little Fourpaws been together?

LFP: It started as just a solo project, named from an E.E Cummings poem: ‘why did you go’. The first time we played together was when I was arranging the music for the Christmas Carol service put on by the Christian Union. Phil is studying music with me and I knew Emily had an awesome voice. I suppose that’s how it all came to be.

OB: The four tracks you have up on myspace show a great maturity in your song writing, are they a product of years of honing the skill?

LFP: I’ll be much happier when we get some decent recordings done. Yeah, there were some definite years of wading through the rubbish to get to what I write now. I believe my skills both musically and lyrically are gifts from God and reflect His ongoing work in me.

OB: You have an E.P coming out, how many new tracks are in the pipeline?

LFP: The E.P. entitled “Here’s to Opening & Upward…” is going to have all new tracks on it, I might throw a few older songs on there, but most of the older stuff I’m saving for the album. Many of the songs are about my personal experiences with God and issues of faith.

OB: Would you agree with the mass music press when they speak of a ‘folk revival’ and how do you see Little Fourpaws in regards to this?

LFP: I’ve always loved folk music ever since I was little. It’s difficult to say if a revival is along the way, really. Regardless if people listen or not, I’ll carry on making the music, because that’s my heart music and what resonates with me best. Of course, I hope my music can reach people in a meaningful way, and I’d love for lots of people to hear it.

Tracks are up on

Little Fourpaws E.P comes out in June.

Ash Hiden

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