Film Review: Clash Of The Titans

Posted on May 7, 2010


If you’ve seen the 1987 version of Clash of the Titans you’ll be severely disappointed with its successor. Louis Leterrier’s latest version is the sexier, fashionable and taut younger sibling. But like shiny new plastic, it is cold and soulless, which makes caring about its characters and narrative very difficult.

Leterrier’s Ancient Greece is a mix of Cockneys, Spaniards and Australians, resulting in no consistent accent and limply delivered lines to enhance the plot. Leterrier leaves no room for character and relationship building; he rushes through these ‘less important’ scenes to get to the action-packed sword fighting; the only thing he gets right. We’ve seen all of these sequences before in 300 and Lord of the Rings, but all the fights including the beheading of Medusa, are a breath of fresh air compared to the other rushed and painful scenes that Leterrier just can’t be bothered with. The biggest downfall in all this is Sam Worthington. He plays the hero Perseus, an angry cliché-ridden Australian more fitting for a Fosters advert than saving Argos from the Kracken. He’s also the only man in Ancient Greece with a shaved head.

Titans is full of clichés and spectacular fight scenes so if you’re a 13 year old boy you’ll probably love it. If not I suggest you buy the old version in HMV for 3 quid. It just proves that fancy new effects don’t make a good film; the older Titan definitely wins this clash.

Rebecca Johnson

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